Hey Guys and Gals,

I hope someone can point me in the right direction on this issue. Any
help will be appreciated.


We are using ZfD 7.0 installed on the server with the imaging components
updated to ZfD 7.0 SP1 with HP4 (both the PXE and Boot CD are the hot
patch 4 version). We have an MPC ClientPro 385 see link for specs
It will boot to the bash prompt (using manual mode) via PXE. if you boot
with the Boot CD, it boots and you select manual mode it then continues
to load the kernel but then loses access to the DVD-RW (CD-Rom) Drive
and presents the linuxrc menu prompting to insert the media. Nothing I
have found resolve the issue. Not all of our network is configured to
perform PXE to our Zenwork imaging environment so a working Boot CD is a

I have reviewed TID 3920577 - After INITRD initializes the menu linuxrc
comes up and tried the Hot Patch 5 Boot CD

Thanks in advance.

Please let us know