Help.... I had setup 2 multicast session in ConsoleOne to run the other
day (as I usually do) and now when I open the Multicast Sessions tab in C1
all I get is a "Loading. One moment please..." and it just stalls there.
[I have to kill C1 to do anything]

I have tried restarting the NW server, tried opening C1 on different
workstations, logging in as different users, using local and network
versions of C1, and I even deleted the workstaion objects that I was
imaging (just incase) and it always stalls.

Multicasting does still work if I do it manually on the workstations or
the server but I need to have it automated.
Running NW 6.5 with Zen 7SP1

Please give me any suggestions, and thanks in advance!

- Shawn