Hi all,

First of, I read some other posts about this problem, but couldn't find a
real answer/solution (maybe I'm blind?).

The problem:

Recently we got some HP 6710b notebooks which are a pain to image using
Zen imaging at the moment.

We use Zen Imaging from ZFD 7 SP1.

Without SP1 HP5, Zen imaging doesn't load the NIC. PXE works and the
notebook downloads the initrd and boot files etc and starts the linux
kernel. As soon as it wants to start Zen Imaging itself, it doesn't
recognize the NIC and starts manual mode. I wasn't able to somehow enable
the NIC automatically without the use of the PXE files from HP5.

With SP1 HP5, Zen imaging recognizes the NIC and starts Zen succesfully.
However, with HP5 Zen Imaging doesn't function properly anymore... not on
any workstation.
The most annoying thing, is that a workstation doesn't seem to read it's
eDirectory workstation object properly anymore. When you check the option
"Put an image on this workstation on next boot" in the workstation object,
it might take up to 8 workstation PXE boots, before the workstation
"realizes" it needs to start Zen Imaging.

Another problem (also probably due to inaccurate eDirectory reading) is
that the workstation which starts to image, completely ignores the custom
image selected in the workstation object. So, if you enable
"Use this image instead of the effective policy image or multicast
setting on the workstation object and browse and select the desired image
(script), the workstation will not use that image when it starts Zen
Imaging. Instead, it wil just look at the configured zen imaging policy
and use the image which is selected there.

Is there anyone who knows what I can do to get imaging to work properly?
Either with or without the PXE files from HP5.

Thank you very much!
Jonas Driessen