Hello; Novell newb here..

This pertains to a Zenworks 7 Desktop Management environment. (Not SP1, no
patches installed)

I am having problems getting PXE to function properly while booting from a
CD. The network interface is failing to be recognized. The machine is a
Lenovo Thinkpad T60; the NIC is a Intel PRO/1000 PL (e1000.ko is the
closest match I can find for the linux driver).

I found the Novell document that instructs on how to load the drivers off
of a USB drive or floppy, but I could not get the devices mounted (Even
after following the procedure to the letter) Which leads me to this: Does
anyone know an ISO editor that will allow you to edit BOOTCD and save it
properly? I used MagicISO to put the driver on the CD, and after saving
and burning the disc, it would not boot up into the PXE. I would like to
stick the driver on the bootCD and load it from there (CDROM is mounting

I'm kind of stuck on this one and any help would be greatly appreciated.