Zenworks 7 SP1 HP 5 Netware 6.5 sp5

I have been using zen imaging with no "hickups" for some time now - and have
been using the system itself since zenworks beta in NW 4/5 days.

Up until late last friday ( I now discover) everything has been working

Suddenly I am seening the following in my XML log whenever I try any type of
autmated imaging.

<WS DN = "DEWEY.Malott_Servers.Malott.ukans">
<ErrorMessage>Undefined error message</ErrorMessage>
<Timestamp>Mon Jul 16 18:31:58 2007</Timestamp>

I have tried assigning standard and scripted images to workstation objects,
and using properties of the workstatiion in the imaging policy.

I have removed and re-imprted the workstaion object. i have removed the
image-safe data and tried porstation imaging policies from the server
object. I have deleted and re-created server policty object.However nothing
in this area seems to work.

I can manually download individual images using the command line.

Also all other parts of the system seem to be working - import, removal,
inventory etc.

I am at wits end.