I've always thought that zen works stored the pxe and boot images in
publiczenworksimaging. Our college recently bought 220 new dell optiplex
745's. When trying to send up an image the client can nither find a nic
nor a hard drive. Well I've had these problems before and fixed them.
But this time I applied the patches and did the specfic fixes for this
specfic computer and nothing worked. On a hunch I moved the Zenworks
folder from the public folder to my C: drive. And rebooted an older
workstation and the client loads fine and can download an image. The new
worksations work the same (they dont). Am I wrong where the images are
stored. I've fixed this issue before and this is the location Ive used.
I've searched the sys volume and have found no other occurances of the
boot files. Where is the workstation downloading the files? Or How do I
find out?