I am having problems with the Zen 7.0 SP1 HotPatch 5 Imaging CD working
with DNS.

We have a bunch of HP DC5750 desktops and have been having issues getting
them to work with the Zen Imaging CD's due to the onboard BroadCom NIC.
According to the posts, various other people have been having similar
problems with BroadCom driver support.

When I downloaded the Hot Patch 5 and tried the imaging CD from this, it
booted right up and loaded the BroadCom NIC driver right away....However,
we seem to have discovered another problem with the HotPatch 5 where it
does not seem to work with DNS. When it boots up it pulls DHCP info and
gets an IP address OK...I can ping and Image by IP addresses OK. The
problem is that DNS names will not work at all. It should pull the DNS
server info from the DHCP server but it is not.

I tried putting the DNS server info into the NameServer field in the
settings.txt file...same problem

Created a manual resolv.conf file and added it to the addfiles/etc
directory on the CD. This worked when I booted off the imaging CD...but
when I created the imaging partition on the machines...it would not update
and booting off the imaging partition has the same problems.

I tried this on various hardware and am having the same DNS problem no
matter what hardware I am using it on.

The only way I was able to get imaging to work with the HP5 imaging CD was
to set the PROXYADDR setting in the settings.txt file to the IP address of
the imaging server. This works but will not give us any flexibility if we
ever need to upgrade the server, change the IP address, or move imaging to
another server.

I have search Novell's knowledgebase and have not see anything mentioned.
I want to use the HP5 if possible because this is the only one that I have
had success getting to work with the BroadCom NIC.

Is anyone else aware of any DNS problems with the HP5 imaging CD? Does
anyone have any workaround to get DNS working with HP5?

Note: I did not apply HP5 to our servers...just used the imaging CD.