My issue is I have a white box computer then when I try to PXE boot or boot with a Zenworks boot cd (v 7.1.5), I get the following error:
No network card detected. And I can not get to a bash prompt. It wants to install.

If I boot with an older Zenworks boot cd (v7.1.a), I still get the same error: no network card detected, but I can get to a bash prompt.
Under the bash prompt:
img, information, harware, network adapter: no network card detected
hwinfo --netcard shows nothing
hwinfo --all > info then looking at the file info shows nothing about a network card

The motherboard on the white box computer is a MS7309 ver 1.
In WindowsXP, the device manager shows the NIC as a: NVIDIA nForce Network Controller.
Have Zenworks 7.1 with hot patch 5 installed.

How can I get find out why boot process will not see any network card?
Or - is this hardware too new?
Any help is appreciated. Have to image 335 computers.