I have read a few other post that talk about using the Settings.txt file
to call a bash script rather then edit the initrd file. I am interested in
using this method but can't seem to get the text file to run any of my
commands. Here is the add-on informaiton I have place at the end of the
Settings.txt file for my pxe boot invironment.

tftp <ip address>
get /boot/script.s /bin/script.s
chmod +x /bin/script.s

no matter how I change this I never get the file to exicute even a section
of the script. Normally the bash prompt doesn't even show up and the
system locks up. This would indicate that the system is looking at the
information but can't understand how to execute the commands. Can someone
provide me with the syntax of how this should look? This would be really
great to use instead of editing the initrd file everytime an update is
place out for ZENworks.