Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) imaging over the Internet?

We are a virtual charter school. We have thousands of computers scattered
all over the state in students homes that we are responsible for managing.
The students are notorious for killing there systems...and in the past we
always sent out re-imaging DVD's to reimage the systems. While this
worked, it meant the they where normally down for several days.

Since most of these students have broadband connections (Cable or DSL), we
are looking at leveraging the internet to automate the re-imaging of the
systems over the internet using Zenworks (In addition to managing the
system using Zenworks and a Middle Tier Server).

I opened our ZenWorks Imaging server to the Internet, Opened the
appropriate ports, and created an external DNS name. I am working on
creating real lean images so there will be less to push out over the
Internet. I am planning on installing the 150MB Zen partition on each of
the systems (since we don't have PXE at homes) to log into our Zen server
over the Internet and check for work to do (This is also why Zen 7.0, SP1,
HP5 is causing me problems). I expect that even with my smaller images,
it will still take 2-4 hours to reload a system remotely...but it sure
beats making a student wait 2-4 days.

I have been successful in manual imaging to/from workstations over the
Internet...but I can not seem to get the automated imaging to work. The
workstation boots the Zen Partition, logs into the Zen server (I see the
requests number on my Zen server increment), tries to pull the image...but
then errors out saying it can not connect to image. I think it might have
something to do with the fact then when I manually pull an image, I use
the DNS name in pointing to my Zen server that holds the image, but when I
try to automate the image, I am flagging the workstation in eDirectory
with the workstation image object, which points to the server holding the
actual ZMG files using UNCeDirectory naming.

Has anyone else out there ever tried imaging over the internet..and to
what success? Any tips, gotcha, or answer to my problem would be

Thank You

John L. Hottenstein
Network Engineer/Administrator
PA Leadership Charter School