We've got some new gateway 2610N desktops. When I go to image one of them
using either the zen 7 boot disk or booting from lan, I get as far as
being about to select "maintenance mode." After that, I see the Linux
logo and then the screen goes blank/black and the machine is unresponsive.
Zenver shows imaging server version to be

I also tried the Zenworks SP1 HP5 boot disk and got the same thing.

I tried to upgrade to Zenworks 7 SP1 (from 7) but that my server has an
unsupported operating system.
I have NW 6.5 SP6 but the zenworks sp1 is telling me it needs either NW6
SP4 or NW6.5 SP1.

Isn't that strange that I can't install zen 7 sp1 of nw 6.5 sp6?

Any ideas of how to proceed?