I'm wondering if anyone has seen this issue..

I'm running ZFD 7.1 + HP5 on NW6.5 + SP6.
My workstation boards have the Reaktek 8110SC NIC.
After more than a little effort, I've gotten to the point that
I can get the NIC driver loaded (r1000.ko), get an address
from DHCP, and ping everything locally..

When I start an imaging session, the process fails, indicating
"can't connect to the server".. If I look at the Image Safe Data,
the IP is, mask is, gateway is

It appears to me that the driver and the img engine aren't
communicating about the IP address..

I have two other workstation configurations with different NICs
working correctly, and the ISD is consistent with the "ifconfig"

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance... B.Warren