I am having some issues trying to pull down a couple of images to a
couple of different pieces of hardware, and was wondering if anyone
had come across this before...

Actually, its not so much a problem pulling down the image, as it is
that the image will not boot afterwards.

The images are source build images for Win2k3 Standard and Enterprise.
Since they are our source build ones, they actually boot into Win98
DOS and run WINNT to build the image (been doing it this way for the
last 4 years for Win2k and WinXP and it's been working fine).

The image pulls down from the scrips OK, the script pulls down the add
on driver image, and it all looks OK.. However, when I reboot, it just
hangs there - no splash screen, nothing.

But it doesn't do it on all the machines... On powerEdge 4600s, 2600s
it works fine. On Dimension 2350s, 3000s it works fine. On a 2950, it
fails. On my vmware 5, it