We just received 87 new Gateway PC E-2610s PC. The NIC is a Broadcom 5785
chip on the motherboard. I have patched zenworks with 7.01 HP5 and 7.01
Imaging files.

When the PC boots from PXE, it is unable to find the network card. I have
booted the PC with the bootcd.iso. When I do an ifconfig there is no eth0

I can how ever run the following commands:
modprobe tg3
ifconfig eth0 up

Then I get an ip address and I am able to do my imaging.

We are a school and use imaging to wipe workstations on a regular basis.

My question is, how do I fix the PXE boot kernel so it will find the right
NIC driver automatically? That way I can immage all of these workstations