I just got our demo unit from HP for the DC7800 SFF desktop unit, and for
some reason it doesn't detect the: CD-ROM drive, Hard drive, or the NIC.
I am using the HP6 BootCd.iso with no modifications.

It is running a motherboard with an Intel ICH9 chipset and the on-board
NIC is an Intel 82566DM NIC (Ven: 0x8086, Sub:0x10bd).

I know that the NIC is not a recognized component with the HP6 release,
and I tried a quick search for an updated driver after I noticed that it
was also missing.

In the case of the hard drive and the CD-ROM drive, both work when I
change the SATA Emulation from "IDE" to "RAID". However, they are not
detected when I change it back. (I used a USB Flash disk instead of the
CD to test this)

Has anyone else had any issues with this particular model and/or has any
ideas of further steps to take for getting at least the NIC card working.

Thanks for your time,