We have recently adapted the Dell XImage universal single image process but
need to convert their default distribution media of Ghost into a ZenImage
format for redistribution requests. Basically the process would be to
download the ghost image onto a system, and then restart with a Linux boot
to upload the same system into a ZenImage format before any of the Dell
XImage processes can start. Sounds simple but for some reason, the ZenImage
becomes corrupted and will not correctly redistribute to other Dell systems
including the one the initial ZenImage was created on. The only consistency
was when the initial XImage was created, it was done on a D620; the
conversion was also done on the same D620, but when it is attempted to
download the image from a Zen conversion, it would fail each time and I
would receive a segmentation error on random files. Running the same image
onto a GX270 or 745 class systems, the image would download but the Dell
XImage procedure would fail and or lock up. The initial Dell Ximage size is
huge, 6+ gig. I have tried it as a single file and have also split it but
with the same results.

We're currently running our Zen server on a Netware 6.5 sp4 running ZenWorks
imaging server 7.0.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.