I've been working with the networking guys to get PXE to work from a
computer lab. The switch ports have been configured for STP-portfast.
The lab computers and the DHCP server are on the same subnet. The
zenworks imaging server (proxy DHCP, transaction) is on another subnet.
IP helper addresses have been set for the zenworks imaging server.
Networking says no IP helper addresses for the DHCP server because it is
on the same subnet as the lab computers. Gave Networking the relevant
pages from the ZDM administration guide on configuring WAN/LAN with PXE
and DHCP running on separate servers. Networking went to the lab and did
a trace while a computer booted and found that the computer is receiving
a DHCP address from the DHCP server. Networking also checked all
firewall and acl lists that might be blocking anything between the proxy
DHCP server and the computer lab subnet, but there aren't any.

When booting a computer, get the PXE-E53 error message, the PC Client is
not receiving the "boot filename" information in the DHCP reply.

Which DHCP server requires this "boot filename"? The DHCP server is
Windows Server 2000 and the proxy DHCP server is a NetWare 6.5 SP5 server
(ZDM 7 SP1).

If it's a Microsoft DHCP server, does it require option 67 (boot
filename) to be configured in the scope? If so, what would the value
(the boot filename) be?