Good Morning,

We are having a problem with our DELL Latitude D505 image. Previously, we
were running ZENWorks Desktop Management 7.0.1a SP1 and we were able to
capture images for DELL Latitude D600, Compaq NC6000, GX240/260/270
systems and all work perfectly. However, when we capture a Latitude D505
image and attempt to restore this on another D505, after the image said it
was successfully applied when we restart the notebook we receive the
following error:

"Load Error!, press any key to reboot"

So yesterday, I applied the SP1 Release 2 install (plus the HP6 patch) and
used the new imaging resources (boot ISO v7.0.1.6) and captured a new
image of the D505 after the patch was applied and I am still receiving the
same error with this particular model.