I am trying to track down the PXE Menu Edior.

The ZEN 7 documentation states at

"Accessing the Preboot Services Menu Editor
If you installed to a Windows server, you can access the Menu Editor from
the Windows desktop (after the PXE-enabled Windows workstation is imaged)
by clicking Start > Programs > ZENworks Preboot Services > ZENworks
Preboot Services Menu Editor.

If you need to access the Menu Editor from a NetWare server, locate the
files on the ZENworks Desktop Management Program CD in the menu editor
directory, then copy them to your NetWare server. Then, from a Windows
machine, you can map a drive to the location on the server and run the
Menu Editor. "

Can someone tell me where this menu editor folder on the CD is please.

We have just been bought as a company and have 90 days in which we must
remove everything that contains the old company names (which unfotunately
includes this).

I can find it no problems on a ZFD4 CD, but would prefer to use the latest
version unless it hasn't been updated....

Thanks in advance,