W2k3 with citrix presentation server 4.0, nov client 4.91 sp1, zfd7.0
desktop management agent.

I've configured a citrix policy via citrix management console. This policy
disables the mapping of drives from the client (network and local) into
the citrix session.

But ICA session with this terminalserver shows ALL local drives from the
client !!!

"Local" logon to the terminalserver (not log into eDIR, only to ADS),
let's the policy work correct; so no client drives are shown in the
session !

I know that MFPS 4.0 is not officialy supportet by novell.
But lot's of people here outside need this functionality.
Mr. Vorm Walde from novell germany will discuss this on the brainshare
with the novell developers from usa.

Millions of customers in the world use CITRIX MFPS 4.0 along with novell
ZFD; so please novell, get in motion !!

I hope that someone could help NOW :-) and not in one year ;-(

Thanks D.S.