The upgrade went fine - no errors noticed - however can't do an inventory
query from consoleone.
Tried updating the snapins from the main setup gui screen - says all went

When trying to access sybase db, get msg 'the configured database is not a
compatible database' which means my snapins aren't valid. (as per 10085536)

Tried copying consoleone from NW server\sys\public\mgmt\consoleone that
holds the zfd db, but the consoleone snapins seem to be flakey. I get an
hour glass when trying to get the properties of any object. This version of
c1 was working great before the upgrade. Tried reinstalling the snapins on
my w/s using the zfd7 cd gui but still same msg as above.

What went wrong? Is there a way to manually install zen7 snapins without
all the flashy gui that didn't seem to do the job?

Thanks, Graham