We are upgraded from ZfD 4.01 to Zen7 Desktop Management. I started with
the desktop management pieces. We didn't use a Middle Tier server
previously, but I would like to use it for this installation.

At the beginning of the Middle Tier install, I come to the screen titled
"eDirectory Location & Credentials". No matter what info I give this
screen, I get a message box saying . . .

>>Invalid Credentials
>>User specifiied does not have sufficient rights in the tree. Enter a user
>>with administrative rights.

I have tried entering multiple eDir server DNS names, multiple eDir server
IP addresses, multiple admin users, user's full DN name, user's fully typed
DN name. I have tried from WinXP and Win2000 workstations. I have tried
with Novell Client 4.91 and 4.90 SP2.

I can't get past this and of course Novell's knowledge base says nothing
about this error during a Middle Tier install.