I started this thread in the inventory forum. But I've come to the point it
has to be an install problem.

First of all I have:

win2000 server sp4
iManager 2.5
and I did have ZFD4.01

I moved everything to a new server (hardware upgrade).

I tried to do an upgrade from ZFD4.01 to ZFD7 and the installation was
succesful, no complains in the log. But my Inventory server could never
connect (error 603, can't read the inventory object). So I reinstalled in
all different ways that is possible. From the server, from a workstation,
all services closed. I even renamed everything that had to do with Zenworks
and did a full install with a new database, then I got errors that it
couldn't copy everything and/or file is in use. What file? I had disabled
all Zenworks services and rebooted the server.

It also seems that it can't import any workstations anymore.

This is so frustrating and irritating. Why the heck can't I do a new
installation and why can't I manually install the Inventory services and
connect it to the server? Why does it has to be automatic through the
installation part? What is that so secret with this Novell?

If noone can help me I have to go back to ZFD4.01 and that will probably
give me problems as well!

So the conclusion is that it is something wrong with my server but I can't
find where the problem is. eDirectory is synchronizing fine and nSure works
fine too.

Please help me