eDirectory provides many features that AD does not and Zenworks takes
advantage of these. Besides, installing eDirectory is no different to
installing a database that many other application management solutions
require. Why clog up you server with all those databases?

Have a look at Altiris, Radia or Tivoli. They all require additional
components to run. Zenworks is no differnt. Jeez - even Micorsoft's own
SMS require an SQL server.

DirXML is easy to install and lays the foundation for complete identity
management across all you systems.


> It looks from a quick glance that yet again this "new" (set of bugs) version
> of Zenworks still requires eDirectory to run in a windows only environment.
> Zenworks is fabulous in so many ways but why do I need to clog up my server
> with eDirectory to configure it and DirXML to synchronise the passwords. In
> a windows only scenario eDirectory is reduced to the role of glorified INI
> file. And the over complex bloat solution that is DirXML, sledge hammer to
> crack a nut springs to mind. Basically it's all a bit Heath Robinson.
> Is there an Active Directory only version in the pipeline or is this all to
> much like heresy ?.