I am trying to install ZEN Desktop Management version 7 on an OES Linux
SP1 box. I had previously done this before in a test lab and it worked
fine. However now it throws up an error when trying to install the
Inventory server.

The error log says ...

Status: ERROR
Additional Notes: ERROR - 817:An internal error occurred while creating rights for
the SCANDIR directory on the server buten02.

Status: ERROR
Additional Notes: ERROR - Inventory install was not successful. Please see the error
log for more information.

Custom Action: com.novell.application.zenworks.install.installany where.customcode.

Additional Notes: FATAL ERROR class
com.novell.application.zenworks.install.installany where.customcode.InventoryServer
Configure FatalInstallException.

Custom Action: com.novell.application.zenworks.install.installany where.customcode.

I have tried this a number of ways: installing samba first, installing NCP
server, installing NSS but whichever way I do it it always generates that
same error. Does anyone have any ideas?

As a recommendation to Novell I'd like to see installer scripts that
instead of all being bundled up in java and python binaries that were
script-based so that you could work out exactly where the install is
failing and why. If the install was a sequence of indidually executable
commands that you could check for successful completion it would make
debugging product installs so much easier.

Any help much appreciated.