As I wrote a week ago (Look at "Big problems installing") I still got
problems with my installation. I have to use my old JRE (1.3.1) to get
things to work. Inventory use 1.3.1 and also AutoWS have 1.3.1. Can't get it
to work even when I extracted 1.4.2-9 from CD with Picozip and checked every
single file in the installed folders.

Now I also have another problem. I have converted my script so it works with
the new pxe boot. I've added things to "root" and made some changes to
"initrd". Everything works from linux prompt and also my edited menu but if
I check the workstation object I get "no work to do".

If I go into linux prompt and run "imaging.s" it picks up the
"zenAdvancedScript" but it never flags it as executable as it should do from
the "imaging.s"-script.

I also should mention that my installation were succesful. But that is also
the only thing that has been succesful with ZFD7.

(I'm really pissed)

Sven Brokstad