I know foxprow 2.6 is an ancient legacy app that should be stricken from
all memory. Sadly, this is not the case with us, our agency still uses a
bunch of foxprow applications.

anyway, what seems to happen is whenever I install the zen7 agent on people
who have a lot of foxprow applications, after the agent gets installed, a
handful of them no long work with differing messages ranging from memory
address errors, to file not found erros.

The only workaround we've found so far is to make a brand new windows
profile, or to install the agent before we create any user profiles. Once
logged into a new profile made post-zen7 install, foxprow apps work fine.
That works great for new computers, but it isn't too hot for existing users.

has anyone else seen this behavior. is there any information to be found
about what zen7 might be doing to existing profiles to break foxprow apps?

Thanks in advance.