We'd like to upgrade from ZFD 3.2 to ZFD 7, but, we're being forced to lose
our NW servers, so, will need to run all this on Windows only.

BIG issue...we are not permitted to install ANYTHING on our ADS Domain
Controllers, and, in our Domain (very large, geographically), we have 20 of
them, so...a user COULD login to any of them.

I had wanted to upgrade to ZFD 6.5, but, the requirement to load something
on the DC stopped that plan. Is ZFD 7 able to work without anything being
loaded on the DC?

One thing I had thought...if the eDir user accounts were simply all given
the same password (I assume that the USERS would never really need to use
that password), while the ADS user accounts had "regular" passwords, then, I
wouldn't have to worry about synchronization...

Anyone done this?