I am thinking on installing Zen 7. It would be a new install because I
have never used Zen before. I am mainly looking at the desktop and
patch management piece. I assume that will allow me to apply patches,
remote control, remote install, etc. My question is about the hardware.

I have a old NW5.1 server that is about to be retired and my main server
which is NW6.5 sp4. This server does my logins, printing, and files.
It handles about 800 users. I would prefer to install Zen7 on a windows
box if there arent any glitches in this mix platform. Most of my other
servers are w2k3 servers.

My questions are:

Would a single Xeon 3ghz, 2gb ram, and 100gb of free space be enough for
a zen7 install on a w2k3 server for 700-800 users?

Are there any issues running zen7 on a windows box? If I install edir
on the w2k3 box, that will be considered my LDAP? Or do I need AD for this?