I've been troubleshooting ZFD7 automatic importing, after re-creating
the server policy with latest snap-ins, resolving pings to zenwsimport
(without a hosts file), and various flavors of zfdagent installs:

My workstations can resolve zenwsimport (not using a hosts file), but
doesn't automatically import, and doesn't manually import if I
immediately run an application object of zwsreg -importserver ip_address
..(I'm running the app object as secure system user, w/ permissions of

Here, my workstation can resolve zenwsimport, doesn't automatically
import (Server Address is empty), but can import by running an my
application object when logged in as DLU->Administrator.

The server never chimes in on autoworkstation importing with newer
agents(doesn't even acknowledge a connection). Below is the server log
of trying to run zwsreg -importserver ip_address as DLU->Power User