I inherited a 9 site network that is all contained on one eDirectory tree.
It is a standard geographical boundary OU layout--one OU equals one site.
ZENWorks 4.x (slight variations in patch levels) was installed several
years ago and has been functioning flawlessly. We need and want to upgrade
to ZENWorks 7 (Desktop Mgmt).

The original installation of ZENWorks 4.x appears to have been completed by
treating each site as its own individual ZENWorks installation. There is
no inventory rollup--there is no interaction between sites for policies or
apps. My concern is the effect of upgrading one site to 7 while others
stay on 4.x. Eventually all will be 7 of course, but are there any big
"gotchas" to watch for in the interim?

My gut feeling is no--treat them as individual sites for the upgrade as
well and all should be fine. If anyone has any experiences or advice to
offer, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.