When I install the ZenAgent on my computers, a few of them experience
long login time. After they enter their Novell username and password,
Windows sits on a black screen with the mouse cursor only. It waits
anywhere between 2 minutes to 10 minutes before it logs in and loads up
the desktop. During this wait, if you press ctrl+alt+del, it'll load up
the background and show the Novell Login script window, but it just
sits there for the same amount of time before the scripts finish and it
loads the desktop. If I go into services and disable the Zenworks
services and restart the computer, it logs in and loads up very
quickly. Any idea how I can fix this? I read on Novell's site that this
has happened before and they had a patch for it, but the agent I'm
using is newer than the patch. Any ideas? Thanx in advance.