We currently have three servers in our tree with various versions of
Zenworks installed. Server E04 is at version 3.2sp2, and is importing
workstations, plus I use its C1 to add and modify apps which date back to
ZFD2 (but have all been "touched" by this server's C1.) Server Ent5 is our
print server, and it was a test of 3.0 long ago and is doing nothing
Zen-wise. Server E07 has 4.0.1r5, and is doing workstation removal and is a
stand-alone inventory server. All of our clients are at 4.90sp2.

Everything is working just fine at this point. I'd like to upgrade to ZFD7
without disruption (wouldn't we all!) Since I have already extended the
schema for ZFD4, do I need to do anything special with server E04, or can I
proceed straight to the v7 install on that server? I would anticipate after
the upgrade that server E07 is handling workstation import as well as
removal and stays an inventory server. Additional features such as imaging,
etc, will also be installed and configured on E07 after the initial upgrade
of existing Zen services.

Also, I think I understand that the clients can remain at 4.90sp2 and still
utilize the features of ZFD7. Are there any advantages of pushing client
4.91sp1 to 600+ workstations before the Zen upgrade? (Remember my goal of no
disruptions!) Should I be concerned about the inactive ZFD3.0 on Ent5?

Thanks in advance,

Dan Nosse