Dear all,

Here's the case:

I am installing ZENworks Desktop Management on Linux and I need to
complete DirXML Driver Configuration to be able to synchronize with Active
Directory Domain. I have 2 Servers as follows:

- Server1 Configuration "Windows AD Domain"
- Windows 2003 Domain Controller that contains Complete hieracy of yusers
- Prepared Active Directory by Create AD Driver Account using
admanager.exe tool and enable it to login as a service.
- DirXML Connected Server installed

- Server2 Configuration "Linux"
- SLES9 - eDirectory v8.7.3 - ZENworks Desktop management 7 - iManager
v2.0.2 - DirXML Plugin for iManager v2.x - ConsoleOne v1.3.6d with
ZENworks Snap-ins - Identity Manager v2

After installing ZENworks on the Linux Server, I start to install DirXML
v2 to synch with AD, I installed DirXML Server - DirXML Plugins - DirXML
Administration Utilities on the linux server which contains eDirectory and

Now, when i start to Create New Driver based on Active directory by create
DriverSet and place it in Container and associate with a server i got the
following error messages:

Error: Driver Wizard - Error
The following 'Snapin Exception' was thrown.

''com.novell.admin.common.exceptions.UniqueSPIExce ption: (Error -714) The
operation was not implemented.''.

I think the problem that i didn't extend eDirectory Schema for DirXML v2
on the linux Server because I implemented the same case of ZENworks7 on
Windows Environment and worked successfully, but the missing step is to
extend edirectory schema .. i searched alot for any document tell where to
find edirectory schema extention file for DirXML v2 or how to extend
edirectory schema for DirXML v2 but i didn't get a clue ...

Any ideas ??

Thanks in advance.