I have posted about this problem before and the posting tree seems to
have gotten out of hand - so I want to explain and summarize here.

I have a brand new, Dell PowerEdge 2850 with NW6.5 SP4a - that I would
like to install Zenworks 7 DM onto fresh. I have Zenworks 6.5 installed
on a different server in my network. What I'm hoping to accomplish is to
make this new server home for the new Zenworks as I have more HDD space
for images and such.

My scenario so far is that I run the Desktop Managment Install and I've
updated the schema with no problem. I then choose the local workstation
files and everything but the Inventory stuff for Zenworks. All seems ok,
so I proceed. Here is where it gets hinky...

During the local workstation installation - a Windows Command Prompt
windows shows up (minimized) and does not go away. The installation
stalls as if waiting for this Command Prompt to finish its job. When I
click the Prompt window - it comes up and I have a Command Line prompt
and the window title is: c:\windows\system\net.exe

Now, if I close this window - another pops up - and if I close that -
another pops up - and I close this one - installation bombs out.

Yesterday I tried again - this time a command prompt windows opened that
was blank with the Zenworks Install program listed in the title of the
window and when I closed it (after leaving it open for 40 minutes) the
installation failed.

Now a little background info. The workstation I'm installing from is a
WinXP SP2 - no firewall turned on, running SAV 10.0 client. My
permissions prevent me from turning off the real-time scanner. There is
as of yet, no AV on the server, no backup software on the server - pretty
much nothing but Netware 6.5. I have unload CIFS and its related NLM's -
and turned off op-locking.

I thought maybe there was a problem with my install CD - so I copied it
to my local HDD and still the same problem.

Any help would be cool - thanks folks.

Below I have a copy from the most recent Installation Log - maybe it will
mean some more to you guys than it did to me (this is from 5 minutes
before this post - this time the local workstation worked, but the server
install didn't and I didn't not see any of the command prompts that I've
described earlier - if this ain't a trip...):
Pre-install steps completed successfully
RM Server components NOT installed on ND_FS2
Error: There was an error installing ZENworks Desktop Management on
ND_FS2. Error: An error occured during file copy or configuration. See
above for more details and be sure that no ZENworks Desktop Management
files are open or locked.

Jeffrey Stone
Notre Dame High School.