I *just* got a 4GB USB HD device - and it is able to provide both a Drive
B: and an E: - and B: is 1.44MB in size, and it will boot. Sadly, it
takes FOUR floppies or a CDrom to run the full Zenworks imaging installer.

Well, there *has* to be a way to build part of the boot onto the floppy
portion (to load the rest of the USB driver stuff), mount the "E:"
partition, and finish the rest of the boot from there.

Since we're SuSE/UnitedLinux based on the CD, it'd make sense to use these
flavors for the build.

So boot from floppy, which installs USB drivers, mount USB portion, finish

It's been far too long since I recompiled an entire kernel for boot from
floppy, so I am hoping someone is interested in accomplishing this.