I am looking at a new install in a Windows only network. Approx. 2500 users
and 1000 pc's. and 3 location.
One remote site has about 20 users and the other about 100.

Even though it all Windows I was thinking of running most of Zen on SLES or
OES. Based on other post it looks like I would need two Middle-Tier servers
and one other server for the rest of the desktop components inlcuding IDM to
sync with AD. I want to use the Tally inventory component so that will go on
a seperate Windows server with the database going to our SQL server.

Now for the question. Is there any recomendation on raid setup for the
different servers?
ie.. Should the Middle-Tier have raid 1 for the OS and the Middle-Tier
Software installed on raid 5.

Thanks for any help,