We've been a Novell shop since 1993. We run NW6.5, GroupWise7 and
Zenworks 6.5sp1. Alas, we have been bought by a large defense contractor
who has deemed everything to run on MS Windows AD, Exchange, etc. I was
able to convince them to allow me to continue to use Zenworks for our
management software. So, I need advice on running ZW7 in a pure MS
environment. I know that there are a few TID's on this. Just wanted
some other perspectives. We don't have a middle tier server yet, so I
guess that would be a first step. Should I upgrade from ZfD6.5 to ZfD7,
or install ZfD7 fresh? Also, I'm guessing that ZW7 Asset Management is a
different tool(product)than the ZfD Inventory product. If anyone could
shed some light on what I should do, I would greatly appreciate it. TIA.