We setup a fresh install of ZENworks for desktop on OES linux.
1 server with all ZEN services (including middletier) and the other one just
for middle tier (nds of course).
we had setup DNS round-robin to balance the load to both servers

Everything was fine, until yesterday, one server (zenworks server)
middletier service stops responding.
i've restarted apache, tomcat, novell-xsrvd, novell-xregd, nothing worked
I had to reinstall middletier... :(
today, it's the other one that stops responding for "some" clients (random,
sometime after a client reboot it's ok...)
I had to restart apache & novell-srvd for this to work back ok

We are at around 300-400 workstations, all using zen7 on w2k agent, or zen7
on winxp.
Also, lots of NT4 wks with ZEN4 agent.

when this happends, i'm getting TONS of this into apache error logs
[Thu Jan 05 14:43:59 2006] [crit] [client] configuration
error: couldn't check user. No user file?: /oneNet/XTIER-LOGIN

the novell-xsrvd was "running" when this happended...
Did anybody did some stress tests on middletier on linux ?