We currently have Zen6.5 running on Netware 6.5 and are talking about
upgrading Zen to version 7. We are actively using the Desktops portion,
but have had considerable difficulty with servers and aren't actively
using that side yet, and that is the portion we most want to go to 7 on.


Would we need to upgrade both server and desktop sides at the same time?
or could we upgrade just Zen for Servers and wait 6 months to upgrade Zen
for Desktops?

Would we need to upgrade the zen agents on the workstations at the same
time, or is the ZfD server portion backwards compatable with the old 6.5
ZfD agent?

What is the upgrade order (server then WKS, or WKS then Servers?)

What are caveats we should be aware of when upgrading?