Hello to all,

My school currently run 2 Netware 6 sp5 server for local user directory and
data storage.
Both servers are part of the same tree.
I'm planning on installing Zenworks desktop management 7 this coming summer
to better monitor worksation usage by part of students and faculty.
I'm under the understanding (after some reading) that the middle tier server
is not needed if workstation already have the latest novell client and if
the servers only need to be access from inside the school.

I'm planning to run a test installation on a spare netware box in my office
and I will recreate the same env.

My question is simple especially since I'm a newbie with zenworks but not
with netware.

How hard is to completely install and configure the server , install the
management agent on workstations and create user policy?
Will I have to dump my original login script and create new user policy?

I do have downloaded the manuals for the installation and administration of
zenworks but I was wondering if there are basic step in the installation
that i can test out in my test enviroment!

Thank you in advance