I have a question, which i hope you can help me with. I am working with a
school that is interested in License Metoring. Basically they want to be
able to purchase say 100 copies of Office. They want 700 pc's to be able to
use the 100 license but not all 700 at one time. Meaning they want zen to
limit what can be used. I have heard that this is calle Zenworks licence
metoring. I looked at the products it looks like Zenworks Asset Management
is what they are describing. Is it possible for this to happen? Or, is it
that ZAM only inventories what is being used? Does it need Windows server
to run on? Is it possible to run on Suse? Would Patch management do
basically the same thing? Why would i need patch management and ZAM?
I really do appreciate any help you can give me on these issues.