I have 30 base imaged Win2K workstations, and a NW6.4sp5 server to
connect them to. I am new to the Zen7/NW6.5/Win2K way of doing things.

What is the easiest way to put them (Win2K) on the network so they are
managed (imported, and policy applied)?

With NW4.11/Zen starter pack and Win98 all I had to do was install the
client, log on, and everything else was taken care of through policy etc..
So far, I have had to 1) install the workstation manager, 2) change the
host file on the workstation to assign wsimport to the server ip, and 3)
install the NW client. That's 3 vs 1 the old way. Must be a better
(fewer install steps) way to do it.

Advice or pointers?