We are a US company that is going to be opening a large office in the UK
(somewhere around Yorkshire) in the coming months. As well as plan for
other smaller branch offices in the surrounding areas.

They want to setup an NBO server for all these sites. Primarily for
backup & DR purposes...which is fine. We can use the NBO for file &
print & the zen application repository, but I'm concerned about zenworks
policies. They will be getting all their desktop policies "across the
pond" and I'm afraid that it will get too slow.

What I'm wondering, would it make sense to also put a NW server acting
as a second Zen server in the UK facility to service these sites? Or
will a frame connection back to the US be sufficient for policies.

From a physical connectivity standpoint, I believe all remote sites
will be connected directly to our main US office via frame relay.

Thanks for any thoughts,