I am trying to enable logging of the middle tier server on a NetWare 6.5 server. According to the Zen TID 10093312 this is how logging is enabled:

(MT) ZENworks Middle Tier Server logging on NetWare servers is enabled in the registry
Location: \my server\SOFTWARE\Novell\XTier\Configuration\XTLOG
Name: Log-Error
Name: Log-Warning
Name: Log-Informational
Name: Log-Success
Type: DWORD Value
Data: 0 (Debug log file will NOT be written to)
Data: 1 (A new debug log file will be created each time with a unique name)
Output: SYS:\XTier\LogFiles

Question: I see where the DWORD value of 1 is supposed to be set (in the XTLOG folder), but how do I create a DWORD reg key on a NetWare server? Is there supposed to be some sort of regedit for NetWare??