I installed Zenworks 7 Destkop Management on OES Linux SP1. It worked
and all the services started okay. Two questions:

1) I isntalled Console1 on a Windows workstation from companion CD1, and
none of the snapins for ZFD installed. Reporting snapin was the only one
it took the liberty to install. So all of my objects have ? next to
them. If I run ConsoleOne from one of my Netware servers with ZFD7, I
can see the objects on this OES Linux installation. I don't know if any
working version of ConsoleOne is suitable, since the Documentation
didnt' explain how one would administor ZDM on Linux. You'd think the
comopanion CD would at least install the snap-ins, since someone new to
Zenworks might get very frustrated.

2)Can I use PostgreSQL as my workstation inventory Database? If so, it's
unclear to me how that would be configured. Perhaps PostgreSQL is
designed for another purpose than workstation inventory.