Situation: I am a desktop support tech at my company and have been
asked to implement ZENworks. We currently have three main offices and
about 20 smaller offices spread throughout the country, all running
NetWare 6.5 servers with eDirectory. Users have WinXP Pro with SP1. We
are possibly going to be migrating from NetWare to Windows servers
within the next year or two, but nothing is written in stone yet.

Our network/server admins want me to tell them very specifically what I
need from them. My network account can view most objects in our tree
for the different offices, but I am not able to make any changes or
add/remove objects. I don't think we'll be using the Remote Management
option because I have heard it slows down the client machines. We'll
mainly be using ZENworks for software delivery, patch management, asset
inventory and license management.

Questions: What are the minimum permissions that will be needed on my
account or otherwise to get ZENworks 7 installed?

Will my own account rights be used to import workstations, add objects,
etc, or is it another account?

Would it be wise to install a Desktop Management Server on a Windows
Server 2003 in each of our three main offices (if I can swing the
non-budgeted hardware request), and middle-tier servers on existing
NetWare servers at each office? Or is there a better way/location to
install the server components?