We have just finished upgrading the agents on all our workstations from Zfd 4.0.1 to Zfd 7. They are nearly all W2ksp4.

Some users have reported that their desktops have been re-arranged with all the icons sorted to the left. That is not too bad but when they sort and place the icons where they want them the problem returns the next time they login. The desktop / arrange icons / auto arrange is off.

I found a TID about this - http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/se...i?10096903.htm it says that the problem was seen in the Zfd 6.5 agent and fixed in 6.5 sp2. It also says that the issue was 'fixed in the agent that shipped with Zfd 7'. It doesn't look like it to us.

Has anyone else seen this and found a fix? The TID seems to think a fix is 'not causing the problem' but how can we put it right on PCs that have already been upgraded?


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