I have a question about the ZIS server object that is created when an
installation of Zenworks 7 for desktops management is done.

In the error log at the end of teh install I get a message stating that
the Imgaing Server object was not created.

I found TID 10096517 which was written for Zen 6.5 but seems to apply.
The object was created but the TID gives what appears to be contradictory
information in the fix section.

It states, "Ensure that a <servername>_ZIS object exists in the server's
container after the install is complete (if this object does not exist, a
reinstall is the only way to get itr created). Also ensure that at the
[Root], there is a Trustee Assignment for this ZIS object. The default
assigned rights when adding a Trustee is all the rights necessary for
this ZIS object. After installing zfd6.5, grant the [Root] object the
following rights to the <Server Name>_ZIS objects.
[All Attribute Rights]=Comparwe, Read
[Entry Rights]=Browse"

The way I read this TID, it states that a trustee assignment must be made
at the Root object to the Server_ZIS object. It also states that the
Server_ZIS object shouod be added as a Trustee of the Root object.

Please assist me here as I am confused. Also, does this still apply to
Zen 7 as I got the same error message? What are the affects of not
making this assignemnet?

Thanks in advance,