i have just installed ZFS Management and Monitoring services. Now im
configuring the Alarm management option.

During the installation i selected only one server (FS08) as the "Managemnt
Site Server".

on this server i also installed the Server Management Agent, Traffic
analysist Agent en the Advanced trending Agent.

When i now go into the Console View in C1 and go into the properties of that
Site Server (FS08). i can make a rule e.g. that when my Volumes is
dismounted that the server is sending a mail to me. This works fine.

But it only works when i dismount a volume on the Site Server (FS08). When i
dismount a volume on another Novell server the ZFS is NOT seding me a mail
notification of the Dismount action.

Who can i make i possible that when on another server is dismounting a
volumes i will get a email of that from my Site server ??

Thanx Dave Simons